List of 321 lens c mount that we can find on internet ( lens c, c-mount ), that i udapte currently
C-mount it's a kind of lens use on 16mm camera or on some cctv.
All this lens can be adapted on gf1, gf2, ep-1, ep-2 or other numeric camera

Compatible with adapting ring with photo camera micro 4/3 MICRO Four Thirds as,

-Les Olympus pen E-P1, E-P2, E-P3, E-P4, E-PL1, E-PL2, E-PL3, E-PL4, E-PM1,

-Les Panasonic DMC-G1, DMC-G2, DMC-G3, DMC-G10, DMC-GH1, DMC-GH2, DMC-GH3, DMC-GF1, DMC-GF2, DMC-GF3

APOLLO ZOOM f1.8 18-90MM
APOLLO ZOOM f1.8 18-90mm
Adaptateur, adapter Minolta MC MD to C-Mount
Adaptateur, adapter OLYMPUS to C-Mount
Adaptateur, adapter Zeiss Contarex, OVP, Mint to C-MountZeiss Contarex, OVP, Mint
Adapter Canon FD c-mount
Adapter G1,GH1,GF1; E-P1,E-P2 c mount
Adapter Leica R to c-mount
Adapter Nikon to c-mount
Adapter Pentax K to C-MOUNT
Adapter arri bayonnette to c mount
Adapter m39 leica to c mount
Adapter minolta md to c mount
Adapter olympus om to c mount
Adapter pl mount to c mount
Ampex Vidicon 22.5-90mm f1.5
Ampex Vidicon 75mm 1.9
Anastigmat Revere f2.5 25mm
Angenieux 10mm f1.8
Angenieux 12-120mm f2.2
Angenieux 12-120mm f2.2 Bolex RX
Angenieux 15mm f1.3
Angenieux 25mm f0.95
Angenieux 25mm f1.4
Angenieux 25mm f1.4 other
Angenieux 75mm f2.5
Angenieux 75mm f2.5 other
Angenieux 8-64mm f1.9
Angenieux 9.5mm f2.2
Angenieux Arriflex 15-150mm f3.1
Angenieux BNCR Arriflex 50-500mm Anamorphic Aaton
Angenieux f1,5 50mm S5 Bolex
Angenieux f1.9 10mm BOLEX
Angenieux f2.2 17-68mm Type L3
Angenieux f2.8 15-150mm
Angenieux f=1.3 15mm
Angenieux f=2.5 100mm
Arri Angenieux 25-100mm Arriflex Bayonet Aaton Red 4K
Arri PL Arriflex Optar Illumina 8mm T1.3 Super 16 Aaton
Astro Berlin Pan Tachar 150mm f1.8
Astro Berlin Pan Tachar 150mm f=1.8
Astro-Berlin TACHONAR 35mm f1
Bausch Lomb ANIMA 25mm f1.9
Bausch et Lomb TELE ANIMAR - BALCOTE 75mm f3.5
Bell et Howell P. ANGENIEUX PARIS f1.3 15mm
Bell et Howell 10mm ANGENIEUX BOLEX
Bell et Howell 25mm f1.9
Bell et Howell 3inch f2.5 75mm lens Angenieux
Bell et Howell Comat 1inch f2.5
Bell et Howell Lumax 1Inch f1.9 35mm
Bell et Howell Lumax f1.9 25mm
Bell et Howell MICROSCOPE
Bell et Howell SUPER COMAT BOLEX KERN 0.7inch f2.5
Bell et Howell Telate 100mm f4.5
Bolex Kodak ANASTIGMAT 20mm f3.5
Bolex Switar 10mm f1.6 AR
Bolex Switar 25mm f1.4 H-16 RX
Bolex Switar 75mm f1.9
Bolex Switar f1.8 16mm H-16 RX
Bosden 50mm 2inch
Boyer Paris Saphir f=2,3 20mm
CANON ZOOM f2.4 13-130mm
CINETEL f5.6 375mm BOLEX
COOKE IVOTAL f1.4 50mm
Canon 15-75mm f2.1
Canon Cine 8 Lens C-8 13mm f1,4
Canon TV Bolex PHF 12mm f1.2
Canon TV Lens 50mm f0.95
Canon TV ZOOM V1015 15-150mm f2.8
Canon TV Zoom f1.6 18-108mm
Canon TV lens-16, 50mm f1,8
Canon Tele 100mm f2
Canon V6x16 16-100mm Zoom f1.9
Canon f1.8 25-100mm
Canon lens 25mm f0.78
Carl Meyer Speed 2inch f1.4 50mm
Carl Meyer f2.8 135mm TELEPHOTO
Carl Meyer f3.5 200mm 8inch
Carl Meyer movie lens 38mm f1.0 1.5inch
Carl Zeiss Jena Biotar 25mm f1.4
Carl Zeiss Jena DDR Tevidon 25mm f1.4
Carl Zeiss Jena Ddr TEVIDON f1.4 50mm LENS
Carl Zeiss Jena Ddr TEVIDON f1.8 50mm LENS
Century WIDE ANGLE f1.8 3.5mm
Century 9mm f1.8
Century II f4.5 385mm
Century Precision 150mm f2.8
Cine Paragon 1,5 8mm
Cine Super f0.95 25mm
Cine Super f=0,95 25mm
Cinetel f=15 373mm
Computar f1.3 12mm
Computar 10-25mm f1.4
Computar 2X C-Mount Extender EX2C
Computar 6mm f1.8
Computar MC Zoom Macro f3.5-5.3 28-200mm
Computar TV lens f1.3 50mm
Computar f1.3 12.5
Computar f1.3 16mm
Cooke Filmo Special 1 inch f1.8 4A
Cooke Ivotal f1.4 25mm
Cooke Kinic Taylor HOBSON f1.5 25mm
Cooke Telekinic ANASTIGMAT TAYLOR HOBSON f3.3 95mm
Cooke Telekinic ANASTIGMAT TAYLOR HOBSON f4.5 150mm
Cooke Telekinic Anastigmat 4inch f4.5
Cooke Telekinic f4.5 100mm
Cosina TV LENS 12.5mm f1.4
Cosina Voigtlander Nokton 35mm f1.2
Cosina Voigtlander Nokton 50mm F1.5
Cosina f0.95 25mm
Cosmicar PENTAX 8.5MM F1.5
Cosmicar 12.5MM f1.4
Cosmicar 150mm. f3.2
Cosmicar 16mm f1.6 Wide Angle TV Lens
Cosmicar PENTAX 25mm F2.8 LENS 1inch
Cosmicar PENTAX 50mm f2.8
Cosmicar PENTAX TV LENS 25mm f1.4
Cosmicar Pentax 15-180mm TV f1.9
Cosmicar Pentax 15-180mm f1.9
Cosmicar TV f1.8 50mm
Cosmicar Television Lens 75mm f1.9
Cosmicar f1.4 50mm
Cosmicar f1.5 8.5mm
Cosmicar f1.8 25mm
Dallmeyer 1inch f1.9 25mm
Dallmeyer Kinematograph f=2.5 75mm
Dallmeyer Telephoto f3.5 75mm
Dallmeyer f1.3 12mm
Dallmeyer f=1.9 75mm
Dallmeyer f=3.5 100mm
Elgeet 12mm f1.2 Cine Navitar Wide angle lens
Elgeet 13mm f1.5 Prime Wide Angle
Elgeet 1inch f1.9 25mm
Elgeet 25mm F1.5
Elgeet 75mm F3
Elgeet CINE-TEL 3 78mm f2.9
Elgeet f2.5 13mm Wide Angle
Elitar 13MM f1.5
Elitar SOLIGOR FAST f1.9 75mm
Elitar f3.5 150mm
Enna München Ennagon f2.8 50mm
Ernitek 50mm f1.3
Ernitek 50mm f=1.3
Frilon 70mm F1.5 LENS
Fuji Fujinon TV f1.4 12.5mm
Fujinon 25mm f0.85
Fujinon 75mm f1.8 TV16
Fujinon ZOOM f1.2 12.5-75mm
GOERZ HYPAR f2.7 15mm
Goerz Hypar 25mm F3
Goerz Hypar f3 75mm
Goldinar TV lens f1.4 25mm
Graf Anastigmat 50mm f3.5
Hecanon 75mm f1.9
Hugo Meyer Macro Makro Plasmat f=2.7 50mm
Ilex Cinemat F3-5 E.F. 1INCH 25mm
Ilex Teletar 50mm f3.5
J.H. Dallmeyer No 9 Kinematograph
Jvc-TV Zoom f1.8 15-60mm
KINOPTIK 12.5mm f2.5 Paris Angular
KOWA ZOOM f1.8 12.5-75mm
Kenr Paillard 150mm f4
Kenr Paillard macro-switar 36mm f1.4
Kenr Paillard switar 16mm f1.8
Kenr Paillard yvar 16mm f2.8
Kenr yvar 75mm f2.8
Kern Cooke Datal f1.9 25mm
Kern Hobson TELEKINIC 150mm BOLEX
Kern MACRO-SWITAR f1,3 12,5mm
Kern Paillard LENS f1.4 25mm
Kern Paillard Switar 10mm f1.8 R21
Kern Paillard Switar AR f1.4 25mm
Kern Paillard Switar AR f1.5 25mm
Kern Paillard Switar H16 RX f1.6 10mm
Kern Paillard Switar H8 RX f1.3 12mm
Kern Paillard Switar H8 RX f1.6 5.5mm BOLEX
Kern Paillard Yvar f1,4 25mm Lens Bolex
Kern Paillard f1,9 75mm Macro Switar Bolex
Kern Switar Macro switar 26mm f1.1
Kern Yvar 150mm f4 Prime Telephoto
Kern Yvar 75mm f2.8
Kern Yvar Stereo Bolex f2.8 12.5mm
Kilfitt Macro Zoomar f4 50-125mm
Kilfitt Macro f=2.8 40mm
Kilfitt Zoomar TV Macromar f2.8 36mm
Kinoptik 5.7mm f1.8
Kinoptik Apo 2 25mm
Kinoptik Apo f2 18mm
Kinotar Professional 12.5mm 1.4
Kinotar Professional 12.5mm f1.4
Kinotar Professional 25mm f1.4
Kinotel 1.9mm f1
Kodac cine ektar 15mm f2.5
Kodac cine ektar lens 50mm f1.9
Kodac eastman cine ektar lens 25mm f1.9
Kodak 15mm f2.5 wide angle cine ektar Lens
Kodak Anastigmat 15mm f2.7
Kodak Anastigmat f2.7 63mm
Kodak Cine Ektar 25mm f1.4
Kodak Eastman 63mm F2.7 Cine Anastigmat 16mm
Leica Hektor Rapid f1.4 27mm
Leica Leitz Elcan 25mm f1.4
Lytar 25mm f1.9
Lytar Berthiot SOM f1.8 25mm Bolex 16
Lytar f1.9 25mm kern BOLEX
MILTAR 4.5 254mm
Malinar 15mm f2.2 BOLEX H16
Mamiya - SEKOR LENS 110mm f2.8
Mamiya Seckor Lens 210mm f4.0
Mamiya Seckor Lens 35 mm f3.5
Meopta Largor 1,8 12,5mm
Meopta Openar 1,8 20mm
Meopta Openar 2.8 80mm
Meopta Openar f1.8 40mm
Meyer Goerlitz f4 100mm
Meyer Goerlitz f4 150mm Tele Megor
Meyer Gorlitz Kino Plasmat f=1.5 15mm
Meyer Primoplan f1.5 25mm
Meyer Trioplan f2.8 17mm
Navitron f=0.95 50mm
Noctilux 50mm f0.95 TV lens
Pentax 4.2MM F1.6
Primoplan Extol f1.5 25mm
Rainbow G10X16MEA TV Zoom Lens 16-160mm f2.2
Revere Scienar Anastigmat 25mm 2.5
Ross 1inch f1.9 25mm
Schneider Cine-Tele-Xenar 75mm f2.8
Schneider Cinegon f1.8 10mm
Schneider Variogon 2 18-90mm
Schneider Xenoplan 17mm f1.7
Schneider f1,5 25mm XENON
Schneider-KREUZNACH TELE-XENAR f3.8 100mm
Schneider-KREUZNACH XENAR 150mm f4
Schneider-KREUZNACH XENAR f2.8 100mm
Schneider-Kreuznach CINEGON 10mm F1.8
Siemens f. f6,8 200mm Spiegel-Hypomediar
Soligor 1.9 75mm
Soligor f=1.9 75mm
Som Berthiot 20-60mm f2.8
Som Berthiot 38mm f2.7
Som Berthiot 75mm f2.5
Som Berthiot CINOR 25mm
Som Berthiot Cinor f1,4 25mm
Som Berthiot Cinor f1.5 15mm
Som Berthiot Cinor f1.5 25mm
Som Berthiot Cinor f2 76mm 2x38mm Prototyp
Som Berthiot LYTAR f1.9 25mm BOLEX
Som Berthiot Pan Cinor f3.4 25-100mm
Som Berthiot TELE-CINOR 2.5mm f75
Som Berthiot ZOOM LENS f2.4 17-70mm
Som Berthiot f1.9 10mm BOLEX
Som Berthiot f2.8 15mm
Som Berthiot f3,8 17-85mm
Steinheil 75mm f3.5 Cassar
Steinheil Quinon 1.525
Steinheil Quinon f=1.5 25mm
Switar 10mm 1.6 Lens Bolex Beaulieu
Switar Bolex H16 RX Lens 10mm f1.6
Switar f1.8 16mm
TV Lens f=1.3 75mm
Tamron TV f=1,8 6.5mm
Tamron TV f=2 4,5mm
Tarcus motor zoom f=1.6 10-100mm
Taylor et Hobson BOLEX COOKE 25mm f3.5
Taylor et Hobson COOKE 0.7inch BOLEX
Taylor et Hobson COOKE TELEKINIC 75mm f2.8
Taylor et Hobson Cooke 1 inch f3.5 25mm
Taylor et Hobson Cooke 1.5 inch f3.5 35mm
Taylor et Hobson Cooke 100mm f3
Taylor et Hobson Cooke 1½ inch f3.5 35mm Lens
Taylor et Hobson Cooke Anastigmat 1Inch f2.7
Taylor et Hobson Cooke Kinic TTH 2inch f3.5 50mm
Taylor et Hobson Cooke Telekinic 4inch f4.5 100mm
Taylor et Hobson Cooke Telekinic 4inch f4.5 Lens 100mm
Taylor et Hobson Cooke Telephoto Anastigmat Series VIII 312mm f5.6
Taylor et Hobson Kinic 25mm f1.5
Taylor et Hobson MONITAL ZOOM f2.1 20-100mm
Taylor et Hobson SERITAL 1inch f1.9 25mm
Tele Xenar f2.8 75mm
Telecentric Lens c mount WD195 MML4-195D Moritex style
Tokina 8mm f1.3
Tokina FAST f1.4 25mm
Tokina TV ZOOM f1.8 16-160mm
Tokina TV Zoom lens MACRO 12.5-75mm f1.8
Tokina f=1.3 50mm
Traid Pantel 250mm f4
Ultron 28mm f2
Voigtlander Skoparex f=3,4 35mm
WOLF DENMARK ZOOM f1.7 17.5-105mm
Wolensak 1inch f1.5 25mm Lens whood cine-vel
Wolensak 1inch f1.9 25mm Cine-Velostigmat Lens
Wolensak 50mm f1.5 Lens
Wollensak 1.2inch f=1.5 Raptar Lens 13mm
Wollensak 100mm f=4.5 Lens Raptar 4 inch
Wollensak CINE TELEPHOTO f4.5 150mm
Wollensak Raptar 17mm f2.7
Wollensak cine velostigmac 25mm f=2.7
Wollensak f3.5 50mm kodak
Wollensak f4 78mm 3inch
Xenoplan f1.7 17mm
Yashica TV Lens f1.3 12.5mm
Yvar 12.5mm f2.8 AR for Bolex
Zeika 25mm f0.95
Zeiss Biotar 1,4 16mm
Zeiss Biotar 1,4 20mm
Zeiss Biotar 2 40mm
Zeiss PL Optex 12-120mm Arriflex Red One MK II S16
Zeiss Tevidon 18- 90mm F2
Zeiss Tevidon f1.8 50mm
Zeiss Tevidon f1.9 35mm
Zeiss Vario 18-90mm f2
Zolomatics 22.5-90mm f1.5